Translucent See-Thru Yarn Bra With High Waist Panty, Normal Panty and Thong

Maybe you love that high waist look...

Or you could also love rocking a thong, and show off that booty...

OR you might just want to have a comfortable daily wear panty..

BUT If you love all 3, then this is perfect for you!

Paired with a see-thru yarn bra, choose between a High Waist Panty, Normal Panty or Thong for different moods and bedroom fun!

Yes some people like to "hide their assets", and we believe it does make sense, but in the bedroom, what you'll want is something flirty and fun - hence the translucent design - you can see, but only kinda, gotta get up closer...

Adorned with a rhinestones as well, this adds a touch of class to this beautiful set.

Choose from 4 beautiful colors - Red, Black, Beige, White

👄  Perfect For: Bedroom Fun
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