About Us

NaughtyTrove is the name. Lingerie is our game. 

We figured, it's time to start that conversation - why aren't men buying lingerie for their partners/spouses?

Embarrassment? Shy? Poor eye for fashion?


We believe men and women alike should be able to purchase Lingerie for their better halves, and take ownership of how you like your partners to feel sexually - be it if you're the ATTRACTOR or the ATTRACTEE (pretty sure the words don't exist, but you get the gist.)

The COVID pandemic has allowed us to stay home more, and in that confined space, intimacy comes in many ways, and we truly believe a well made, good looking set of lingerie can go a long way in spicing things up in your relationship.

PLUS - Lingerie doesn't have to be expensive, overpriced, poor quality...

We're gonna be upfront - our factory is based in China - where most things are made these days - which is how we are able to make the price point more accessible.

As a husband & wife team from Singapore, we're based in China and are a stickler for the quality of products - especially since its going to be in contact with your most intimate body parts.

We design and manufacture new lingerie designs that are sexy, comfortable, sensible and great in terms of workmanship.

Don't even worry about shipping, as you'll get most shipments within 2-3 weeks. Plus - we have a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy - as long as the item is:

1. Faulty (poor workmanship or spoilt) and
2. Has not been used before

Browse through our curated collection, as we add more designs with our team on a weekly to fortnightly basis to help you spice things up at home.


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