Teaser Style Lace Breathable Bra With Matching Panties

"Oh don't be a tease..." 

We've all heard this before, but really, doesn't everyone fancy a tease?

Why this series is called the "Teaser Style" is mainly due to its design. The brassiere covers the midriff partially in a gorgeous lace embroidered design.

We've designed the bra to be a 3/4 cup with half of that being lace, which will accentuate your assets.

Plus, we've included a little design feature right in the middle of the bra where you'll see a small hole covered with a nice gem accessory, to really add that sense of elegance to the bra.

The best part? For each set, we've opted for a flirty butt hugging Brazilian style, translucent lace panty to match the top.

Available in Black, Purple, Blue, Red and White!

👄  Perfect For: Daily Wear & Bedroom Fun
💦  Naughty Rating:  4/5

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