Translucent Lace Ribbon Design Half Cup Bra & Thong Set

BEST SELLER!! This Translucent Lace Ribbon Design Lingerie set is our most sold design - and with good reason.

Firstly, value for money - try to find a lingerie set of this quality at this price in a retail store - tough luck.

Secondly, @ladies, a translucent lace design means that your gorgeous body can vaguely be seen but it doesn't give everything away at once - perfect for teasing. Plus, you'll still be able to wear this out under a nice dress or your work clothes. <3

Thirdly, the lingerie accentuates your assets perfectly to give you that ultra sexy look that you'll be confident to pull off - regardless of your body size.

Depending on your mood, choose from Black, Beige or White, or even get all 3 for all types of days! 

👄  Perfect For: Bedroom Fun
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