Luxury Enticing Sleeping Robe With Fine Lace Hem

The Sleeping Robe, the personification of luxury in the bedroom.

Think back to when you last visited a hotel and put on a robe, didn't that just feel amazing?

Now, what if you could have that exact same feeling, every night, in your very own bedroom? Plus a few essential extras of course.

Introducing our Luxury Sleeping Robe! We've opted for a silky smooth material so that it feels great on your skin. Along the sleeves and the bottom of the robe, we've included an intricate lace hem to add that luxury sexy look and feel to the sleeping robe.

Of course, it pairs perfectly with a set of sexy lingerie underneath, else you could always go commando as well.

Comes in a free size and fits most body types.

If you love having that luxury feeling at home when you step out of the shower and go about the home, this is a piece that you'll definitely want to consider! Also great for having fun in the bedroom (:

Comes in Red, Black and Pink!

👄  Perfect For: Bedroom Fun
💦  Naughty Rating:  4/5

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