Cleopatra Style Body Vest Lingerie With Garters + Stockings

When you look at this you'll probably think of Cleopatra - else know that it was inspired by her!

This Body Vest shows off your waist and hips with a really intricate lace design to just glimpse your beautiful skin underneath.

The highlight is probably the choker and the bra straps. The choker, set to give more 3-D feel to your busts and accentuate them further, and drive more attention to them as well.

The lacy bra straps are thicker and shows off your beautiful shoulders as well while providing support.

Pair these with garters and you'll be all ready to go in the bedroom. If you're daring, wear it as a top and show off your body!

👄  Perfect For: Bedroom Fun
💦  Naughty Rating:  4/5

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S: for bra 65D 70A 70B 70C

M: for bra 70D 75A 75B 75C

L: for bra 75D 80A 80B 80C

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