Ruffled Bra With Open Bottom Panty + Garter 4 Pc set

Ladies! We bet you've long heard of amazing Japanese lingerie designs. This Ruffed Bra & Panty set is inspired by that!

Created with an underwire design for shaping your bosoms, we've opted to use a nice combination of lace material to create a ruffled chiffon look thats bound to make you feel sexy while looking chic.

We've opted to pair this with an open bottom panty that is translucent and still adorned with lace to create that ruffled look.

This piece is absolutely perfect for having fun in the bedroom! 

p.s. you won't need to remove your bottoms!

Choose from 2 beautiful colors - White and Black!

👄  Perfect For: Bedroom Fun
💦  Naughty Rating:  4.5/5

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