NaughtyTrove - Your Online Lingerie Store!

It's fair to say that, everyone loves sex.

However, due to social stigma (maybe you're living in a conservative society), many do find it inconvenient or embarassing to purchase adult lingerie and novelties for their partners - i.e. have you ever stepped into a store to purchase lingerie for your spouse or partner before?

NaughtyTrove is a legitimate online store that is exclusively created for shoppers who prefer to shop online for their private bedroom fun.

We're starting with lingerie for women as a start, because we're a couple, and we believe that couples should buy lingerie for one another - and we believe many men don't do that right now.

In time to come, as more partnerships product imports come in, we want to be your gateway to all bedroom stuff, such as male lingerie and adult toys.

Updated weekly, we aim to be the venue at which you come in to find some of the latest innovations and fashion trends in the market when it comes to toys and lingerie - so you can easily lay your hands on the most up-to-date and trendy designs / brands!

Starting out in the pandemic period is a tricky one - which is why we've opted for an online store. Without a physical rental space, and by using our own home as a warehouse, we are able to provide our customers with quality lingerie and toys at much more affordable prices.

Our prices are transparent and we offer an easy way to get refunded and arrange for returns. The best part is - we ensure that all packages are discreetly packed for your comfort.

After ordering online, you will be sent an email to round up your purchases and share tracking details. If you've opted in for SMS updates, you will get real time tracking updates as well.

Our customer support team will respond to all emails, requests and questions within 24 hours to ensure your needs are met.

Plus - we offer a 7 day warranty for all defective goods - as long as they have not been worn or used before (due to the sensitivity of lingerie).

Thank you for your time taken to read this!



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