How To Find The G Spot

How to find your G Spot?

Ah, the elusive G Spot.

Every woman has a G Spot, and it takes some finesse to find it.

Consider women's Vaginal wall - note that the G Spot only covers a small area that is no larger than the surface of your thumb.

Is it easy to find? Nope. 

Can you find it? You sure can!

If you're a dude, you'll want to read on.

  1. For starters, It'd be nice to have some tongue action going on around her clitoris - which is very stimulating, and also lubricates her vagina for penetration.
  2. Lay your lady down, and gently insert 1 or 2 fingers into the vagina. Ensure that your palm is facing upwards.
  3. Next, with the tip of your fingers, you'll want to do a "come-hither" motion - not digging, but gentle and smooth.
  4. What you'll feel is a swollen spongy tissue, you might need to search around for a little bit. Our suggestion is to speak to your partner, get feedback and instructions.
  5. Gentle stimulate the area and you'll hear her moan with pleasure.
  6. There are some sex toys that are created to stimulate the G Spot and you can consider using them as well - maybe now you'll get why dildos have that curved shape!
  7. Don't forget to stimulate the clitoris, as she can still get an orgasm with clitoris stimulation as well.
  8. If you're thinking correctly - yes, it is possible to get a double orgasm, both internal and external - and your partner will love it.
  9. Orgasms actually come with a health benefit. It can reduce the pain she feels during menstruation and also helps clear out any "dirt and impurities" in the vagina via the vaginal liquid.
  10. In some cases, women are able to squirt liquid out of their urethra powerfully - which will create an amazing sensation during intercourse.
  11. Things to note if using a sex toy - don't immediately stuff it up her vagina, go back to step no.1 above, and work your way there. Foreplay is key to amazing sex. 
  12. Don't be desperate to find the G Spot - you can still have good sex without finding it.
  13. Remember to cherish the intimate moments you feel with one another.

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