11 Sexy Lingerie Gift Sets You'll Want To Keep For Yourself in 2024

Ahhh... Full Lingerie sets...

They're the personification of sexiness... adding that extra touch in the bedroom...

Who knew that a set of garters and stockings could add that much to a pair of matching bra and panties? It's almost as though the entire atmosphere heats up as you slip into each pair of the Sexy Lingerie sets - probably because the view is just spectacular from all angles.

Well, if you have a lingerie lover whom you know, you'll probably want to share this with them, as we go on to feature 11 Sexy Lingerie Gift Sets so beautifully made that you'll probably want to keep them for yourself!

If you're a guy, looking to get a gift for your loved one or partner, refer to our Gentlemen's Gift Guide for more insights.

Alternatively, if you're here to browse for yourself, or for that Lingerie Lover in your life, then we've got you covered.

Each Gift Set is unique and is bound to make your "giftee" happy to receive it. From raunchy and naughty designs, to classy and refined sets, we've got you covered on all bases!

Read on to check out 11 Sexy Lingerie Gift Sets that you'll want to keep for yourself in 2022: 

1. Soft Lace Ultra-Thin 3 Piece Suit With Garter And Thigh Straps

 US$28.99, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


2. Teaser Style Lace Breathable Bra With Matching Panties, Garter and Stockings


US$42.99, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


3. Lacy Lingerie 7 Pc Set With Y-Line Straps + Brassiere + Panties + Garters + Stockings

US$69.99, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


4. Charming Embroidered Half Cup Brassier + Matching Embroidered Thong + Garter + Stockings 4Pc Set

US$54.95, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


5. Cleopatra Style Body Vest Lingerie With Garters + Stockings


US$44.95, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


6. Translucent Lace Ribbon Design Lingerie 5pc Set With Sexy Lace Half Cup Bra + Garters + Panties + Thongs + Stockings


US$54.95, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


7. Retro Y-lined Floral Lace Brassiere with High Waist Panties+ Garters and Stockings


US$39.99, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


8. Dainty Full Lace Lingerie Set With Sexy Brassiere + Garters + Panties + Choker + Stockings


US$54.95, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


9. Ruffled Bra With Open Bottom Panty + Garter 4 Pc set



US$34.95, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


10. Ultra Thin See-Through 3/4 Cup Bra With Matching Thong, Garter, Stockings and Sheer Night Gown


US$69.99, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com


11. Floral Lace Back With Y-Line Straps And Eyelash Front Clasp Bra And Panty Set


US$31.99, Available here @ Naughtytrove.com