Gentleman's Gift Guide

If you're reading this page, two things are certain:

1. You're looking to take the first step to investing in Lingerie for your loved one. Congratulations!

2. You're in need of having someone steer you in the right direction. Naughtytrove is here to help!

In our opinion, the process of selecting a lingerie set starts at the inception of the idea - "hmm, let me get lingerie as a gift". From the moment that thought enters your conscious mind, you'll probably start feeling the excitement.

What comes next is the selection process, which comes down to your taste and imagination, but should also be well informed by your understanding of your loved one.

The entire process is one that is driven by seduction and passion, and you can plan an entire date night or special day for the reveal - just to build up the anticipation to the gift, especially if it's a surprise.

So as it stands, what's the next step?

We'd start with Sizing:

As with all clothing, the right fit is essential. But with Lingerie, things start to get a little trickier, as it's not always just Small, Medium, Large etc...

Our advice? Don't take a risk and guess. Your safest bet is to look at the labels of lingerie that she already owns - ideally something that was purchased recently.

How can you tell if it's recent? New Bras should be much firmer to the touch as the padding hasn't yet been softened by repeated washing. Why recent? Well cause sizes change, and you'll want to be getting a set as close as you can to her current fit!

Try to check 3-4 sets of Bras and Panties and take note of the sizing for each. If you're looking to purchase a bodysuit or one piece, best to take note of the sizes as well. Pro Tip: Take a photo of the labels.

Not forgetting, going this extra mile will add to the romanticism of the gift.

Refer to this Size Guide for more info. 

Next we'd consider Colour:

Consider your partner's sense of style, the colours she usually goes for. You'll see that practicality and wearability can sometimes take charge of decisions. If it's mostly safe styles that she goes for, this is where you can have some fun.

When it comes to lingerie, we recommend to adhere to your fantasies. Select shades of colour that are contrasting to you and your partners' every day choices.

A good sense check is

- Classic black and red lingerie are still very much the go-to seductive colours
- White, Beige and Pink (pastels) add that sense of tranquility in the process of seduction
- Darker shades of Greens and Blues evoke a sense of mystery and discovery to the bedroom

Then we come to No. 3: Taste. 

Lingerie is personal, obviously.

In your mind, you're lusting to see her in something quite over the top, but if this is something you've never seen her in, we'd recommend not veering too far off from her comfort zone, else it could really put her off. 

Consider a simple Full Lingerie Set that isn't too over the top, and keep to safer colours that are part of her repertoire. Refer to her lingerie collection for inspiration and look at choosing a set thats probably 25% more adventurous - this will help you make a more informed and tasteful decision.

Of course, don't forget to mix in some of your ideas, imagine what you'd like to see her in and what you feel she could pull off.

Lastly, Occasion.

Is this lingerie gift set going to be something she can wear to work and as she goes about her day? Or is it something that you envision is strictly for bedroom enjoyment?

Maybe it's something for the holidays, or it could be a festive loungewear set?

You'll wanna think about this thoroughly as it could help you decide between buying 1 set and 3 sets.

To round things up, we'd say that these 4 key steps are crucial to helping you achieve success with getting lingerie as a gift, and help you in your decision making.

If you still need help, Contact Us with the subject "Personal Shopper" and our team will be happy to help!

Pro Tip:

If you haven't already done this, you can consider having a conversation with her about this. This is what we're passionate about, as we realized that many of our couple friends don't discuss this - even when they're married!

Starting an open conversation that discusses preference, taste, occasions, sizing and fit - can be the start of your seduction process, and evokes anticipation and drives excitement.